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Who Can Come to Camp?

While we are a church that cares greatly about outreach, our yearly Camp Andrew's retreat is meant to be somewhat exclusive as a special church retreat - a restful, set-aside time for our church family to interact together and be refreshed in the Lord. The following is our policy for attending. Please contact Rita Classen if you have any questions:


Camp Andrews Policy 

Regular Sunday church attendance is mandatory for all persons who desire to attend the weekend of our annual Camp Andrews Retreat. Exceptions to this include:

1) Persons who are, for some legitimate reason, not able to physically join us on a Sunday but have made a significant effort to stay connected throughout the year on our online Zoom sessions.

2) The spouse of a regular attender

3) On rare occasions, and at the discretion of the Camp Committee and/or WAMC Leadership Team, we may allow other family members of a regular attender (particularly children ages 10 and under)

4) Any of the WAMC “Founding Fathers (Mothers)” and any former pastors – This includes those who were part of the original formation of the church here in Baltimore or played a significant role in upholding that mission as a pastor, we will always honor and welcome to our annual retreat. They and their caretakers may come to any part of the weekend retreat.

5) Helpers for the weekend (cooks, childcare, worship, speakers, etc) and their immediate families.


6) Out of town visitors are able to stop in during our “visiting hours,” which will be from 9am-4pm on Sunday only.


As always, minors who attend church regularly without a parent or other adult must be sponsored by an adult within the church in order to be able to attend the retreat.

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