Leaders at our Church

Todd and Marita Scholtz have been the pastors of WAMC since February of 2008.They love the church here and desire to see Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church take its place in shining brightly in this community to lift up the Name of Jesus Christ and to carry out His work in this neighborhood and city.

Todd and Marita are supported in their leadership by a Leadership Team which is made up of persons who hold these positions:  Senior Advisor, Facilities Chairperson, Treasurer, Christian Education Coordinator, Care Group Coordinator, and Youth Coordinator.  The Pastoral Couple and Leadership Team are responsible to Bishop Glenn Kauffman, Bishop of the Baltimore-Washington District of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference.

Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church is filled with many others who lead the various programs and ministries of the church.  They serve the Lord sacrificially and whole-heartedly.

We are very grateful to all who serve in our congregation.

Keith Peiffer

Christian Education Coordinator

Elita Barnhart



Donna Burkholder
Rita Classen


Danny Ray
Ryan Classen

Youth Coordinator

Facilities Coordinator

Mike Weaver

Senior Advisor

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