Vard Gainor and E. Daniel Martin


Vard Gainor loves to tell stories.   His input time with us will be full of short stories and Spirit lessons.  Vard and his wife, Eileen came to the Lord in their adult years.  Vard spent his career working in corporate management at Hershey Foods and then later grew in Christian service as he worked at Elim Bible Institute in New York. He is now connected with New Testament Fellowship of Churches. He serves as a consultant to pastors and churches.  God has taught Vard and Eileen many lessons about Him that they can share with us through their stories.


Further information:


Dr. Vard Gainor presently heads the Vardon Group, LLC, which partners with for-profit and non-profit organizations to foster regional transformation through implementation of Biblical truth within the business community.  The Vardon Group specializes in organizational management and strategic planning consulting, including establishing start-up and transitional staffing for emerging companies.


Gainor started his career as a director of research and development, then served in technical service, product quality, product safety, and then in general technology management with a number of firms, including serving as a start-up vice president of a steel company.  He has a background in mergers and acquisitions, turn-around management, and scaling new technology into manufacturing and the marketplace.  Gainor was instrumental in developing over 35 new products and processes, and served as a technology point-person for acquisitions for a Fortune 100 company.  He has also served as interim CEO of an energy company.


Early in his career, Gainor successfully integrated organic chemistry and engineering processes into functional corporate technology policy to manage risk and maximize profitability.  He oversaw the development and implementation of a merit-driven specification system for 400 suppliers for a Fortune 500 company.  He has served as an Expert Witness concerning technology depositions, and has interfaced with NASA consulting firms to use applied physics to develop a one-of-a-kind risk management profile for active nonlinear organic systems.  Gainor has also worked with US Customs, FDA, USDA, and the Food-For-Peace Program to alleviate hunger in third-world locations.


Gainor has a background in Christian ministry that includes serving as pastor in several churches, Dean at a Bible college, executive pastor for a pastors’ network, and oversaw ministry development for the Mid-Atlantic Region of a mainline denomination.  He routinely uses his background in chemistry and applied physics as a Christian witness.  Gainor holds degrees in Business, Food Science & Technology, and Divinity.



E. Daniel Martin is nearing 50 years of experience, both as a pastor and as a psychiatrist.  He trusts in the power of God to bring transformation.  He has been married to Ruth Martin for over 50 years. He is the father of four children, including Gwen Martin and Marita Scholtz.  E. Daniel is the interim pastor at Christ the King Community. Church in Lancaster, PA.